HSE policy

Excellence in Health, Safety and Environmental performance is a core value for CGL and it is the responsibility of every member of the team.  We are committed to operate in a safe manner and to protect our people and the environment while providing cost effective quality services to our clients.  We aspire to be a recognized leader in industry operations and HSE performance in the eyes of our employees, contractors, clients and the public.

Our Goals:

  • No One Gets Hurt
  • No Environmental Damage
  • Enhance Our Business Through Continuous Improvement of HSE
  • World Class HSE Performance

CGL is committed to:

  • Develop, maintain and implement a comprehensive HSE Management Program including: a workplace HSE Program, management systems, guidelines, policies, project specific programs, procedures, training and appropriate support information.
  • Create a work environment where we identify workplace risks and mitigate them through pro-active programs for incident prevention, assessment and analysis.
  • Hold all staff accountable for their safety responsibilities in their respective departments, jobs, crews or workplaces.
  • Meet or exceed requirements of all laws, regulations, applicable industry standards, best practices, and client expectations.
  • Create a “partnership” with contractors, suppliers, and other third parties to achieve our goals by mutual HSE commitment and management systems.
  • Provide and maintain a program of continuous improvement by establishing HSE objectives and targets achieve them by implementing, monitoring, measuring, and reporting HSE performance.
  • Eliminating unnecessary risks.
  • Maintain an “Open-Door” policy to all employees, management, contractors and third parties for continual improvement of HSE performance.
  • A philosophy that incident prevention not only reduces human suffering and loss, but that it is also good for business and improves service to our clients.
  • Empowering all employees with the authority to stop a job they feel is unsafe.

This policy statement serves to express CGL commitment to providing our employees a safe and healthy workplace.  The workplace safety and health program is incorporated as the standard of practice for CGL.  Compliance with these safe practices in addition to those of any regulatory agency or CGL’s clients is required of all employees as a condition of continued employment