Compliance – as well as risk management are imperative parts of a good corporate governance at CGL.

It already starts with the challenge to design contracts with partners and customers in a legally and fiscally correct way to avoid contract penalty or administrative fines, not to mention affect it might have on our valued customers KPIs. Further risks are country specific ones, as the announcement of sea freight to specific country, complex and connected IT systems and integrated Enterprise Resource Planning systems with on going regulatory and statute changes.

Risk management means to analyse and react to all potentially occurring risks. Control systems are as important as training of employees and a clearly defined crisis management.

The requirements of corporate governance are increasing. Customers, which pro-actively decide to implement a compliance management system, are eager to detect and eliminate weaknesses and gaps. Compliance regulations are the link between governmental regulation on the one hand and CGL and employees on the other hand.

Pre-defined responsibilities, control systems, standards and code of conducts enable employees to make informed business decisions quickly and with confidence. This is where CGL compliance team comes in the picture. We accept nothing but Zero tolerance to our business rules and code of conduct.

CGL compliance team openly and systematically addresses these issues related to transportation and disclosures resultantly diminish the risk of even slightest non-compliance and minimizing the lead time to project delivery on site.

It is CGL express policy as a freight forwarder to fully comply with all applicable Export Controls and Sanctions (trade & financial embargoes), hereafter: export controls.

Sound export control practices underscore our commitment to ethical business behavior and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We at CGL are committed to compliance with laws and regulations wherever applicable including, but not limited to, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 and UK Bribery Act 2010. We also help our valued customers on how to meet the applicable laws and regulations through compliance advisory.

To learn more, refer to CGL Code of conduct

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