Dangerous goods management

Being a longstanding partner of large and medium-sized companies dealing in dangerous good, CGL is a sought-after advisor in dangerous-goods management. We specialize in transporting dangerous goods by all modes of transportation. Our seasoned dangerous-goods safety advisors are well-versed in sharing their knowledge as instructors and consultants.

We will leverage our know-how to your benefit when classifying products and wastes under dangerous-goods regulations.

How our services add value:

  • Lower costs by using consultant dangerous-goods safety advisors as needed
  • Information advantage from obtaining the latest information on changes in national and international regulations
  • Process reliability based on longstanding experience in the chemical industry

Stay safe with quality

  • Serving as your dangerous-goods safety advisor
  • Dangerous-goods consulting
  • Dangerous-goods audits and supplier audits
  • Classifying products and wastes under dangerous-goods regulations