End to end solutions

CGL Smart End to End is a standardized, consistent and configurable process that delivers value at every stage.

Coupled with CGL’s commitment to operational excellence, it provides rigorous management of global supply chains for both finished goods and inbound to production and spare parts.

CGL Smart End to End addresses the need of global organizations for:

  • better flow of finished goods and parts from global suppliers to destination
  • Seamless interaction with suppliers at origin
  • Directed execution of all supply chain activity and services
  • Order visibility, reporting and analytics throughout the supply chain.

Adding value

With CGL Smart End to End, you get the benefits of:

  • A global network of CGL supply chain professionals constantly striving to improve and enhance your supply chain through the implementation of best-in-class solutions
  • Timely delivery of internationally sourced product using consistent processes and customer defined business rules across the entire network
  • Engineering expertise to design and model solutions that integrate assets and infrastructure at origin and destination
  • Impeccable execution through close management of your vendor partners and the smooth flow of information, product and documentation
  • Less complexity and improved performance
  • A single point of contact in CGL, with the means and authority to solve problems and develop the right solutions for you.

Tangible results

Improved customer service

  • Reduced logistics cost
  • Lower working capital

CGL Smart End to End can typically deliver supply chain savings of 5-15%.

Global control

CGL Smart End to End works because we have operations experts everywhere you need them – near your suppliers, near your customers and along the entire supply chain.

  • Coordination and synchronization of the global supply chain processes
  • Supply chain execution with “same-time-zone/same-language” capabilities in throughout all regions
  • Global communication hub – a single source of information on all your supply chain network partner activity within a region.

Our Global Control Tower network provides visibility, focus and control of your international supply chain:

  • Integrated into the existing CGL network
  • Perfectly positioned for strategic visibility and decision making
  • Local connectivity for rapid response.

This solution, enabled by CGL’s global Supply Chain Solutions organization, incorporates established industry best practices, like Total Supply Chain Management (TSCM), 4PL partner and Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Our people

Wherever you operate, you will be supported by our experienced, efficient logistics experts, both on-site and in-country.

Our team has the operational expertise and analytical know-how to improve the reliability and speed of product flows efficiently and accurately.

Our process

CGL reduces time, cost, risk and scope through a rigorous project management methodology known as Zero Defect Start Up. Even when steady state is achieved, we focus on identifying continuous improvement opportunities.

Meanwhile, our LEAN philosophy means we empower our staff to continuously find ways to improve processes. Every CGL employee is encouraged to identify and eliminate waste, inflexibility and variability.

Our technology

The operating platform of Smart End to End is CGL’s Matrix SCM technologies. It manages service execution and connectivity with your trading partners, as well as providing visibility and reporting from supplier to final destination.